Who are the Gents and what is their Cricketing Philosophy?

Saxlingham C.C. run a Saturday and a Sunday side. But all of this is frankly a bit above us all and a bit serious. To the Gents, playing is about enjoyment and a few beers and whiskies afterwards. It's not solely about winning, although it's nice when we do.

Gents on tour; Stansted Park, 2010

The Saxlingham Gents is a veterans side formed as an off-shoot of Saxlingham CC in 1988, comprising various flotsam and jetsam who were unlikely ever to be asked to play in any ‘proper’ cricket team, so they decided to form their own. We play every Thursday at home from May until August, plus the occasional Sunday. We also tour every June or July. The 2015 tour will be our 22nd since 1991, having been to places as far-flung as Belgium, Ireland and Jersey.

Gents at Steep, Hants. July 2010

Aged between 44-65, we are a real mixture of abilities. Some of us are a poorish 2nd XI standard, but most of us can only dream of such heights. Someone once described their team as village bumblers, and this describes us perfectly.

These are the rules we play in our home mid-week matches:

These are the kinds of teams we don't want to play

So, as prospective opposition, these are the kinds of questions you may be asking yourself:

If you think the above sounds like your team's philosophy, drop us an email.

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We are always looking for new players. If you are over 40, highly-sociable, love cricket (and are of a poor-to-reasonable standard), have a sense of humour, like a drink in moderation and don't take yourself at all seriously, why not drop us an email.

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