Player Cartoons - 2010

To celebrate the 2010 tour to Winchester, Bex Barrow was commissioned to draw these cartoons of the Gents. Scroll down to see them all.

Richard Pearson is our illustrious captain and founder, and is renowned for his excess body hair and for somewhat pernickety field placings.

Tim Sheppard is the ex-Norwich City physio and keeps the ageing gents running single-handed.

Steve likes shouting, mostly at other people.

As an accountant, Howard is in charge of collecting match fees, fines and bribes from Indian bookmakers.

Nick Phelan bowls the occasional beamer, usually no more than 4 per over.

Tony spends his spare time fighting the Taliban and inspecting his privates.

David Pointer will always be there by 6pm, but not necessarily on the appointed day.

Sean Morgan recently starting working in Kazakhstan, possibly as punishment for his fielding.

Roger likes to take his time.

Stewart keeps a very tight hold on his finances.

What Kevin doesn't know about pigs isn't worth knowing. What Kevin DOES know about pigs isn't worth hearing.

Don't let Bob Turner field anywhere near the boundary.

Kim likes to cover himself. In Gloucestershire, he once batted with leg pads on his arms and a box as a chin guard (actually, I was lying about the box).

Martin is the resident artist in the Gents. Read that whichever way you will.

Lastly, Bex produced a commemorative drawing for General Sir Richard Dannatt for the match in aid of Help For Heroes, 29th July 2010.

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